Maximize Efficiency And Protect Your Property - Tips For Utility Trailer Maintenance

Posted on: 28 April 2015

Whether your job requires you to haul industrial equipment on a daily basis or you're merely trying to borrow a lawn mower to mow grass at your home, a utility trailer is up to performing a wide variety of tasks. When faced with necessary equipment hauling, however, nothing is more frustrating than a trailer which you suddenly find to not be in the condition needed to perform that task.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your utility trailer. Following these suggestions will guarantee that your trailer is always up to the task when you need it, and can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you never have to worry about being left high, dry, and without a way to haul your equipment.

Rust Prevention

Utility trailers are often put under a significant strain when it comes to hauling large equipment, and as such, they need to be structurally sound. Rust buildup can weaken steel and threaten that structural integrity, and in the most extreme cases, can cause your trailer to fail.

You should be sure to constantly inspect your trailer for signs of rust. If any rust is found, it should be immediately scoured away and the area should be treated with paint and wax. This will not only maintain the look of your trailer, but also prevent rust from spreading and becoming a serious structural issue.

Sufficient Lubrication

The ability of your trailer's hitch to operate smoothly correlates with the ability to haul your trailer safely. Relatedly, any hangups in the axles can create a bumpy ride that prevents your equipment from being safely and smoothly transported.

Staying up to date with your lubricating responsibilities will guarantee your trailer operates smoothly and you avoid these potential breakdowns. Be sure to consult manufacturer's materials to verify that you're selecting the right type and weight of grease for each of the unique areas that require its application.

Tire Pressure Maintenance

Under- or over-inflated tires can pose a significant hazard to your trailer out on the open road. Blowouts and flat tires are difficult to change under even casual circumstances, but while hauling heavy equipment, it can be nearly impossible to do so. As such, making sure your tires are always at the recommended pressure is absolutely vital. You should also regularly check for wear in both the walls and treads of the tires, as that's typically a sign of pending structural concerns.

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