Services Offered by an Auto Recycling Company

Posted on: 28 April 2015

You may have heard of an auto recycler, also known as a car wrecker, but if you haven't dealt with these professionals before, you may have no idea about the services they can offer you. So to help you out in the event that you have an old car or need parts, here are the common services you can expect from these companies.

Selling Used Parts

One of the most common services provided by auto recyclers is selling you spare parts from vehicles that they have stripped. This can save you money if you're on a budget, and you need a part to fix your car. For example, you can purchase bumpers, windscreens, quarter panels, rims, tires, engine blocks and lights from an auto recycler at a huge discount. And in many cases, the parts you purchase from an auto recycler have been cleaned, polished, and look as close to new as possible. Keep in mind, however, that some auto recyclers allow you to bring your own tools, select a vehicle, and remove parts on your own. This can save you money, but requires that you have some expertise in how to use tools to remove parts, or that you bring an auto mechanic with you.

Cash For Cars

Auto recyclers will also pay you cash for your old vehicle, or a paid-off vehicle that has been damaged in a car accident, that your insurance company has written off as a total loss. Many auto recyclers will also buy old vehicles that don't have a current registration, and either strip them for parts, or restore the vehicle, register it, and put it on sale. Cash for cars is often a full-service, meaning that an auto recycler will send a representative to the location of your vehicle, provide you with a valuation and make arrangements to take your car away that same day.

Car Sales

As mentioned above, many auto recyclers also double as car sales lots. They may acquire old or used vehicles that are sold by customers who no longer want those vehicles. They may also acquire vehicles that have been abandoned or impounded and left unclaimed for more than 30 days. These vehicles become eligible for sale after those 30 days, and are often sold at auctions to the highest bidder. Car sale auctions are also conducted online for interested bidders who can type in their bids during a live auction, or make an auto-bid with a high number, and hope that their bid wins. For more information, talk to a professional like Jeff's Towing.


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