Winter Trucking: What Tractor Trailer Operators Need To Know

Posted on: 11 November 2015

Driving in extreme winter conditions can be a challenge, even for the most seasoned tractor trailer operator. Making a few plans ahead of time can ensure your loads get delivered safely and on time. Here are a few preparations you should make for the winter driving season.

Use A Towing App

Less-than-ideal visibility conditions can lead to your truck getting stuck in a snowbank. The extreme cold may cause your truck to break down while on the road. Since you may be driving different routes with every load, having a towing app on your phone or mobile device can help you to locate tractor trailer towing services wherever your rig experiences an issue. These apps use GPS technology to help you locate the nearest towing service, making it easy for you to call for help. If you drive in both the US and Canada, consider using a separate mobile app for each country.

Invest In A Towing Emergency Kit

Spotting your rig in the snow can be a challenge, particularly if your trailer is white. Invest in a towing emergency kit to help the towing service locate your rig and prevent passing motorists from hitting the truck. This kit should include road flares and orange safety cones, as well as a brightly colored reflective vest to keep you safe as you inspect your truck. You should also make sure you keep plenty of snacks and bottled water in your rig, even if you don't have a sleeper cab. Staying hydrated is critical, especially in extreme weather, and snacks, such as peanut butter crackers or protein bars, can help you stay alert and energized while you wait for a tow.

Keep Towing Supplies In Your Toolbox

You may run into a situation where the towing service simply can't get to you because of hazardous road conditions. Keeping tow chains and other towing equipment may help you get your rig out of a snowbank if you can flag down a fellow trucker who is willing to help you out. You can attach the chains to the other rig and have them attempt to loosen your truck from the snow just enough to allow you to back out. You'll also want to keep emergency mechanic supplies on board in case you can temporarily fix your truck to get back on the road.

Winter trucking means being prepared for breakdowns and other emergencies. Planning for these situations means knowing how to reach tractor trailer towing services anywhere you are driving and having the right gear in your truck for any situation.


tips to help you prepare for a towing service

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