Are You Helping Your New Driver To Be Well Prepared?

Posted on: 6 June 2019

Can you believe you have a teenager who is actually old enough to drive a car? In your mind, you can probably picture him or her as a little toddler riding his or her toy car, can't you? You may even wish that you could turn the clock back to a time that you had better control of your child. On the other hand, isn't it fun to watch your child evolve into an adult? It's scary, too, isn't it?

That's especially true when you consider your son or daughter will be on the road with people who are talking on their cell phones, drinking while driving, or even sleeping. While your child went through driver's ed and passed his or her driver's test, you probably want to think of other ways that he or she can be prepared for unexpected driving situations. If that's the case, here are some ideas that might help.

Have A Frank Talk With Your New Driver - Remind your child that, while you were not his or her instructor at driver's ed, you are still a more experienced driver than he or she is. Talk about set rules and expectations. For example, tell your child that, even though you're an adult, you still tell your spouse or somebody else a general plan of your day and at about what time you'll be home. That just ensures that, if you're not home by that general time, somebody will be on the alert that there might be a problem.

In other words, you expect to know at what time your child will be expected home, and there might even be a specific time designated for coming home. Also, consider having a limit as to how many friends can be in the car at one time. For example, consider having a rule that only one friend can be in the car at the beginning. As time goes by, that number could be changed. And, remind your child that driving brings additional responsibilities. For example, he or she might be expected to chauffeur a younger sibling to things like sports practice or a birthday party.

​Provide Things Like A Towing Service Number - Talk to your son or daughter about things that will be helpful to always have in the glove box. For example, it will be good to always have about $10.00 for an unexpected gasoline fill-up. If that money is used, it should be replaced as soon as possible. A small first aid box in the glove box might also be welcome at some time.

Think of other things that could be needed. For example, what if your child has car problems or is even in an accident where he or she can't drive the car. In that case, he or she will probably be very grateful that you added the contact information for a reputable towing service. The great thing about towing services is that they are available every hour of the day and every day of the year, including Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

It's true that towing services cost money. However, they are more than likely less expensive than you anticipated. And, having towing services might be some of the most important money you will spend.


tips to help you prepare for a towing service

Does your vehicle require a flat-bed tow truck when it needs to be towed? Can the vehicle be towed without a flat-bed tow truck? Is there any way to reduce the cost of the towing service when you need it? Can you trust the towing service that you have hired to tow your vehicle? There are many things that you should know before your vehicle needs to be towed anywhere. Find several tips that can help you prepare for those roadside emergencies that force you to call for a tow truck. Hopefully, what you learn will prepare you to keep you, your vehicle and your belongings safe.

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