Tips For Getting Your Rig Out Of Mud, Sand, Or Snow Before Calling A Tow Truck

Posted on: 27 October 2019

If you love taking your truck out on the weekend and adventuring down bumpy dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, then it's vital you have some equipment and knowledge to rescue yourself if your rig happens to get stuck in some deep mud, sand, or snow. Having to call a tow truck company to come pull you out you will be expensive and depending on where you are located may not even be a viable option.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do if you find yourself stuck far from civilization. Following these tips is a great start.

Tip: Always Travel With a Jack and a Shovel

While you should always carry a jack in your truck in case you need to change a flat tire, you also may need one if you get stuck somewhere. The jack will allow you to lift up your car so you can easily dig below the tires and insert traction-improving materials. Without one, you will have a much more labor-intensive job ahead of you.

Also, whenever you go out on an overlanding adventure, you must carry a shovel. While a small foldable shovel is perfectly adequate for digging latrine holes, you really should carry the full-size model when offroading. It will make digging projects a lot faster and easier.

Tip: Leave the Car Mats Inside Your Vehicle When Adventuring

While it may seem strange, the mats inside of your car that keep dirt off of your car's carpet are one of the absolute best things you can have along if you happen to get stuck in deep sand or snow. The mats can be used as traction devices to help get you unstuck.

To use your car mats, slightly jack up one side of your vehicle with your jack and then dig out the material below the tire. Place the floor mat upside down under the front and back tires. Repeat the procedure on the other side. You should now be able to drive your car forward. Make sure you don't stop again until you are in a place where you won't get stuck again. And, don't forget to go back and retrieve your car mats before you continue on your adventure.

Tip: Put Local Auto Towing Service Phone Numbers in Your Cell Phone

When you are out adventuring in your rig in an out-of-way location, you might or might not have cell service. Even if you do have service, you most likely won't have a strong enough signal to search the internet. For this reason, you should take a moment now to look up local tow truck company phone numbers for the area you will be traveling and put them in your phone just in case you need the information on your trip.


tips to help you prepare for a towing service

Does your vehicle require a flat-bed tow truck when it needs to be towed? Can the vehicle be towed without a flat-bed tow truck? Is there any way to reduce the cost of the towing service when you need it? Can you trust the towing service that you have hired to tow your vehicle? There are many things that you should know before your vehicle needs to be towed anywhere. Find several tips that can help you prepare for those roadside emergencies that force you to call for a tow truck. Hopefully, what you learn will prepare you to keep you, your vehicle and your belongings safe.

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