Waiting For A Tow? Stay Safe With These Three Tips

Posted on: 29 September 2020

Whether you are on a road trip or just go to or from work, the last thing place that you want to find yourself is stranded in a parking lot or alongside the road. This type of situation is stressful, scary, and dangerous, particularly if you find yourself in an environment that is unfamiliar to you. After you have called for a towing service to come to your location, it is incredibly important that you remain safe. While most towing services strive for prompt response, you will be waiting for a little bit for them to arrive. Here are three things you should do while you wait.

Secure Your Automobile

Before you actually phone the towing service, it is important that you make sure you and your vehicle are located in a safe location away from moving traffic. If your automobile has started to stall, get over to the side of the road quickly. If this is something that is not doable, then you should wait until it is safe to do so and get out of the vehicle and push it to the side. Remember, you should never directly stand in front of or at the back of a vehicle that has stalled out.

Move Away from You're an Immobile Vehicle

In some instances, you may be unable to move your vehicle because it is completely immobile. If this is the case for you and your vehicle, you will want to get as far away from your vehicle and moving traffic as you possible can. If you have been involved in a vehicle collision, it is important that you do not move your vehicle until the proper authorities have arrived and investigated the scene.

Remain Inside of Your Automobile

If your vehicle has not suffered any kind of damage and you have been able to move it away from and out of moving traffic, the safest place for you to be is inside of the automobile. You should never leave children or pets unattended inside of your vehicle while you walk to seek assistance. This is particularly true if it extremely cold or hot outside.

Whether you have found yourself in a situation where you need a tow and want to remain safe or want to make sure that you know how to keep yourself safe in the event that an unforeseen situation arises, the aforementioned tips will do just that. For more information, contact a towing service in your area.


tips to help you prepare for a towing service

Does your vehicle require a flat-bed tow truck when it needs to be towed? Can the vehicle be towed without a flat-bed tow truck? Is there any way to reduce the cost of the towing service when you need it? Can you trust the towing service that you have hired to tow your vehicle? There are many things that you should know before your vehicle needs to be towed anywhere. Find several tips that can help you prepare for those roadside emergencies that force you to call for a tow truck. Hopefully, what you learn will prepare you to keep you, your vehicle and your belongings safe.

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