Common Reasons To Hire An 18-Wheeler Wrecker To Assist With Your Fleet

Posted on: 30 April 2021

If you are a fleet manager, you are tasked with keeping all of the trucks in your fleet on the road and on schedule. You especially must meet this challenge when driving conditions are anything less than ideal.

When you find yourself faced with rescuing a fleet truck in distress, you need to act quickly in your vehicle and driver's best interests. You can call a professional 18-wheeler wrecker to assist in getting the truck and driver back on the road quickly.

Heavy Weight Towing

A semi that gets stuck in a ditch or wedged in a swampy or snow-filled median is not the lightest vehicle to get free. In fact, the typical wrecker truck lacks the horsepower and body strength to wedge it out or haul it up to the road. The wrecker itself would tip over, overheat, or break down entirely if the driver tried to use it for this massive towing job.

Likewise, standard flatbed wreckers lack the cable length and engine power to pull up 18 wheelers out of ditches, water, and snow. They too may tip over. These flatbeds likewise can overheat and even slide down in the ditch with the stranded semi.

Instead of putting smaller wreckers and their drivers at risk, you can hire an 18-wheeler wrecker to help your stranded semi. This massive vehicle has ample horsepower under its hood, as well as hundreds of yards of durable cable and a sturdy body, to hitch up to a semi in distress. It can then winch out or haul up the semi, set it upright, and get it back on the road with minimal, if any, damages.

Professional Training

Further, the driver of an 18-wheeler wrecker undergoes specialized training to learn how to operate their vehicle and rescue other large vehicles in the process. This person typically will have a commercial driver's license. They will also have undergone OSHA training to know how to perform dangerous rescues of semis without incurring risk to themselves, the vehicle that they drive, or the large and heavy semi that they are about to rescue.

Their training minimizes the liability that you incur as a fleet manager. You can get your semi back safely and avoid having to pay for any damages to the wrecker service.

An 18-wheeler wrecker can provide critical benefits. It can rescue heavy, stranded semis, and get them back on the road safely.


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