What Determines The Cost Of Tow Truck Services?

Posted on: 2 September 2021

A vehicle is a convenient and reliable means of transport, no doubt. However, your car can malfunction at any moment without prior warning. What's more, you can lock your keys inside a car unintentionally. 

Sometimes, your automobile gets stuck in the mud or snow. When that happens, you need a tow truck to assist you in such situations. Different companies offer varied rates depending on the following factors.


If you request towing services during regular working hours, the cost will be affordable. However, a tow truck company might charge high rates after usual business hours. For instance, if you need towing services in the middle of the night, prepare for costly expenses. Typically, you need emergency services that cost higher than common towing.

In addition, you can cater to expensive rates during the holidays and special occasions. Therefore, inquire first about the estimates when contacting towing professionals.

Distance and Location

The distance a tow truck will cover to get to your car influences the overall cost. For instance, if the experts travel a long distance, charges will be high. On the other hand, you will enjoy pocket-friendly rates if the place of breakdown is close to the company. Thus, it's crucial to always look for towing services near you to save on costs.

The location of the car is also crucial when calculating the price. For example, expenses will differ if your automobile is in a ditch, muddy stretch, or snow.

Condition of the Vehicle

If your car is in an excellent state, it will be pretty easy to tow it. Perhaps, the only reason why you requested towing services is due to a total malfunction. Here the price will be favorable because minimal work is required to pull away the vehicle.

On the flip side, a vehicle in bad condition requires more expertise to load onto a tow truck. Plus, the experts will employ specialized equipment to ensure your vehicle doesn't suffer additional damage. Therefore, charges will be slightly higher if your car is in a deteriorated condition, especially after an accident.

Vehicle Type

Towing heavy-duty vehicles costs more than light-duty and medium automobiles. Usually, a lot of time, skills, and special equipment is used when towing heavy-duty cars. Also, the type of vehicle you own requires different towing methods, affecting the cost in general.

Flat-bed towing is essential for vintage and classic cars. However, the price will be high compared to the hook and chain technique. The good news is that your car will arrive at a destination in prime condition.

Contact a local towing service to learn more.


tips to help you prepare for a towing service

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